Make a Donation to help ORCA

Supporting ORCA doesn’t only mean becoming a member or volunteering as a Marine Mammal Surveyor...

Much of our support comes through single donations that are an essential part of funding our work.
Become an ORCA FinFriend
By giving a donation you can help ORCA to continue to survey in the UK & Europe, to run our Wildlife Officer programmes out at sea and to continue to work with government and industry to make sure whales and dolphins have a voice.
Every donation, whether large or small, makes a huge difference to our work
Thank you to all of those who have generously donated in the past for helping us to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises in our seas
  • If thirteen people donate £10, we can spend an entire day in a school
  • If twenty two people donate £10, we can put a team of four volunteers on a ferry survey
  • If fifty four people donate £10, we can employ a Wildlife Officer at sea for a month
  • If one hundred and seven people donate £10, we can buy a set of equipment to collect scientific data for an entire route