Survey Reports

2019-09-27 - P&O Cruises - Canada Discovery

Survey details

Survey route: Canada Discovery

Company: P&O Cruises

Sea region: North Atlantic

Survey start date: 2019-09-27

Number of nights: 13

Minke whale seen during the Canada Discovery cruise on board the P&O Cruises Arcadia (photographs taken by Ian Tippins and Gary Trew)

Click below to read the wildlife report from the Canada Discovery cruise on the P&O Cruises Arcadia . The ORCA Team had a fabulous time and this report provides a daily account of the their sightings and experiences whilst on board and details all the whales, dolphins, and other marine wildlife that was seen during your cruise.


Supporting document

File: orcawildlifereportpocruisesarcadiacanadadiscoveryseptemberoctober2019.pdf