Survey Reports

2019-07-22 - P&O Cruises - Norway’s North Cape and Svalbard

Survey details

Cruise Name: Norway’s North Cape and Svalbard

Company: P&O Cruises

Sea region: Arctic Waters

Survey start date: 2019-07-22

Number of nights: 12

^ Sightings map from Norway’s North Cape and Svalbard on board P&O Cruises Oriana

Click on the document below to read the Wildlife Report from the final voyage of P&O Cruises Oriana to Norway’s North Cape and Svalbard. The ORCA Cruise Conservationists on board had a fabulous time and recorded 657 animals during the cruise including white-beaked dolphins, fin whales and belugas!

Supporting document

File: orcawildlifereportpocruisesoriananorwaysnorthcapeandsvalbardjulyaugust2019.pdf