Survey Reports

2018-04-07 - Dover–Calais

Survey details

Survey route: Dover–Calais

Company: DFDS

Sea region: English Channel

Survey start date: 2018-04-07

Number of nights: Day sailing

^ A bottlenose dolphin, like the one picture above in a library image, was spotted on this trip

The sea state looked good for the first survey of 2018 on the Dover to Calais route and the efficient DFDS crew got the survey team on to the bridge before we had even left the dock. By the time we were leaving the harbour we were all set and ready to use the Logger system for the first time. The sea state remained good for sightings on the route to Calais and Aisla and Melissa recorded a sighting of bottlenose dolphin and we all enjoyed brief views of a couple of harbour porpoise before arriving at Calais. No further sightings were recorded on the return crossing but we all became more familiar with using the Logger system.

Many thanks to a great survey team and to the crew and Captain of the Cote des Flandres for looking after us.

Survey team members

Ailsa Anson, Melissa Goulton, John Young