Inspiring & Educating People

ORCA Inspiring & Educating People

Collectively we can make a difference

Whales and dolphins sustain a depth of fascination that is almost without parallel in nature, in part due to the intrigue of the natural environment they inhabit. As most of the marine world cannot be seen below the waters, it is the cetaceans, whilst spending their time on the surface, that inadvertently forge links between people and the seas.

Whales and dolphins bring marine conservation into people's homes.

They help spearhead successful public marine education particularly in local communities.  Spotting whales and dolphins mobilise individuals to take simple actions to protect the wider marine environment.

ORCA aims to inspire as many people as possible about the importance of whales and dolphins and the threats they face in our oceans. 

Inspiring and educating people is at the heart of ORCA's work

Be inspired with ORCA...

Wildlife Officer Programme

Ocean Conservation

Working with our partners we send expert conservationists out on ferries and cruise ships to give unforgettable wildlife experiences whilst collecting vital scientific data so we can safeguard these animals for future generations. 
ORCA in Schools

ORCA in Schools

ORCA's educational programme teaches people of all ages about the wonderful world of whales and dolphins.

Sea Safari mini-cruises

Sea Safari minicruises

ORCA works with Brittany Ferries to offer unforgettable opportunities to discover and learn more about whales, dolphins and seabirds in one of the world’s most renowned whale watching locations.