Broadcaster and conservationist announced as ORCA Patron

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Broadcaster and conservationist announced as ORCA Patron

Lizzie Daly, who has presented on BBC and National Geographic, has had a long-standing passion for the marine environment and will be an ambassador for ORCA’s conservation work as the charity’s newest patron.

Lizzie brings a diverse background as a biologist and conservation, from broadcast credits including CBBC, BBC2, National Geographic and BBC Earth through to her current PhD study exploring interactions between elephants and humans. She brings a passion for all parts of the natural world, but her obsession with the ocean has taken her around the world filming bubble net feeding humpbacks in Alaska to seabird colonies in Antarctica.

As well as her irrepressible passion for the marine environment, Lizzie will be an ambassador for ORCA’s unique Cruise Conservationist programme, helping to tell the stories of ORCA’s work with the cruise industry to study critical hotspots around the world. This will begin with the exciting news that Lizzie will be joining ORCA’s Cruise Conservationist training course in summer 2020, helping the latest cohort to learn the secret of communicating ORCA’s work to people from all over the world.

Lizzie has already been involved in ORCA, joining the team on a Sea Safari in August 2019 with some stunning sightings of species include fin whales and pilots, and excitingly she will be out at sea again with ORCA in 2020! Guests booking onto the trip on 11th August will have Lizzie on board as a special guest guide, helping them to spot marine wildlife in the Bay of Biscay.

ORCA Director Sally Hamilton said: “Lizzie brings an inimitable style and a passion for science communication that can inspire people from all different backgrounds. We’re delighted that she will be bringing that energy to help support ORCA’s work, and can’t wait to have her involved in our cruise programme and Sea Safaris in 2020!”

Lizzie Daly said: “I am honoured and thrilled to be part of ORCA - especially as a female ambassador. I first met with the ORCA team a few years ago and was immediately in awe of their conservation work. I have seen first-hand what a difference ORCA make in helping protect our oceans after crossing the Bay of Biscay to look out for cetaceans. They are pioneering in identifying areas where dolphins and whales are vulnerable and over the next year, I will also be working with them to learn more about what we can do to minimise our impact on whales and dolphins, including by reducing noise pollution. This is a real honour - and I'm excited for what's to come!”

You can find out more about our Cruise Conservationist course here, or book on a Sea Safari with Lizzie by clicking here.