Amy Lapper and the sweet wrapper.

Amy Lapper and the sweet wrapper.

We love to inspire the next generation about the wonderful world of whales and dolphins and think it’s important to teach them about the threats which these animals face every day in our oceans.

Marine litter is one of the biggest threats these animals face and we were so impressed to receive this poem from 9-year-old Chloe which was written for her school. Chloe’s grandparents met ORCA Cruise Conservationists Steve and Jenna during the maiden voyage of the Fred.Olsen Borealis at the beginning of July 2021, when they were delighted to see dolphins swimming alongside the ship!

Amy Lapper and the sweet wrapper.

By: Chloe.G 

There once was a girl named Amy Lapper,

Who had suddenly lost her sweet wrapper.

It came from her birthday party you see,

But where it went to her was a mystery.

It flew away to the ocean,

And landed in the sea with a splash like a potion.

It suddenly drifted with some other litter,

And caused great harm to an ocean critter.

A dolphin was out from his cave to leave,

But a plastic bag went over its snout and it couldn’t breathe.

A shark came by, spotted the wrapper thinking it was food, 

It instantly swallowed it without it being grinded or chewed.

All of a sudden it got caught in its throat,

Now whenever it eats it makes a sound like a goat.

50 years later Amy went to the beach,

She just loved the cool breeze blowing onto her feet.

But as she was doing this a wrapper flew by,

Amy recognized it at once and started to cry.

She knew it was hers as she had put her name on it,

To tell her family not to eat it.

From that day, she promised herself not to harm nature,

Or even kill a sad little creature.

Just remember if you help the animals you can help our planet.

The end.