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The State of European Cetacean Reports

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State of European Cetacean Reports

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2018 SOEC report- The third annual report summarises survey data collected in 2017. Historic data are analysed to investigate the changes in harbour porpoise density and distribution around the UK. An update is presented on the threats affecting cetaceans in European waters. 

2017 SOEC report -  The second annual report published by ORCA, summarises the distribution and range of cetacean populations in and around European waters using data collected on platforms of opportunity. This report inculdes analysis of common dolphin densities around the UK, and discusses the threats to cetaceans in European waters. 

2016 SOEC report - This report is an overview of the status of cetaceans, including the culmination of 10 years' worth of sightings and enviromental data collected during the 376 ORCA surveys conducted between 2006-2015. A record breaking year for 2016 with 1,780 encounters totalling 7,572 individual animals.