Wonderful whales

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Wonderful whales

It’s been another brilliant week on board the Cap Finistère, full of wonderful whales and dynamic dolphins! 

Wildlife Officers and passengers were treated to close up sightings of leaping striped and common dolphins on every crossing and a handful of wonderful whales made an appearance too!

We are still finding the waters around the Brittany Islands to be full of life with dolphins making regular appearances. Even more excitingly in this area we spotted two lunge feeding whales, much to our great surprise and delight! These whales were barely bringing their bodies out of the water but judging by their size they were definitely one of our large baleen whales.

We first spotted these animals whilst looking at what we thought were breaking waves over the many rocky outcrops around the Brittany Island lighthouses. However the rocks started to move! Cue Wildlife Officers and passengers’ confusion as we watched something huge move through these very shallow waters. We were even more surprised when we noticed there were two! Looking through our binoculars we could just about make out the silhouette of these whales moving through the water on their sides, showing off their small pectoral fins and attracting hundreds of diving birds - creating quite a scene.

Wildlife Officer Lauren was also ecstatic to see such close up views of her first ever beaked whales in the canyons approaching Spain. We have subsequently spent hours poring over our photos to ID their species, which has proved to be a challenge! Why don’t whales ever pose nicely for photos! However, what we can see is that there was a clear mother and calf in the group of four.

We’re hoping for another successful week aboard the Cap Finistère and are confident even more whales and dolphins will be spotted by our Wildlife Officers and passengers.

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Wildlife Officer Bay of Biscay