A warm welcome on board!

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A warm welcome on board!

Introducing you to Emma- one of our new Wildlife Officers on board the Cap Finistère! 

Hello everyone!

My name is Emma and I am one of the Wildlife Officers on board the Cap Finistère this year! It is finally the first week of our Wildlife Officer season on the Bay of Biscay and we are all so excited for the incredible cetacean sightings we have ahead of us on board both the Cap Finistère and Pont Aven! 

We started the week with all our Wildlife Officer team on board the Cap Finistère for a few days of training and of course, some amazing deck watches. During our first crossing into Bilbao, we saw pods of common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, both of which were a first sighting for me, and just as amazing as I had imagined!

After our WO training, Louise and I set sail to Santander for our first official crossing as Wildlife Officers and the Bay of Biscay did not disappoint us. We had sightings of lots more common dolphins and witnessed their amazing acrobatics with the passengers on deck, who loved it just as much as us! Thanks to some beautiful sunny and calm days on the Bay, we have had plenty of passengers out with us and it has been amazing to point out some of the dolphins to them as they approach the ship.

The big whales also made an appearance during our training and through the week, letting us know that they are out there in the Bay. We have seen plenty of whale blows in the distance, making us even more excited for the encounters we will have over the season with these beautiful animals! We ended an exciting week with two whales sighted from their huge blows, even though conditions weren’t quite as good! 

In between deck watches, presentations and quizzes with passengers, we also managed to settle into our Wildlife Officer cabin and into life as part of the crew on the Cap Finistère; everyone has been really welcoming and friendly and made everything so easy.

It’s been a great first week on board and a great start to our Bay of Biscay WO season – I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Louise and Katrina as they continue on their next week on the ship!

Bye for now!


ORCA Wildlife Officer - Bay of Biscay