There’s something in the water!

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There’s something in the water!

The Bay of Biscay is full of life!

After a few quieter deck watches last week on board the Cap Finistère, we have been amazed and exhilarated by the sheer number and range of animals we have seen.

Both Thursday and Saturday were a complete dolphin bonanza with lots of jumping common dolphins and striped dolphins showing off for us. Saturday morning also treated us to a minke whale, floating gracefully under the water, appearing from under the ship, showing off the white bands on its pectoral flippers. It then moved off towards the back of the ship where it began to jump in the wake! Neither Sam nor I had ever seen that before, so we joined passengers jumping around in surprise and delight!

With over thirty fin whales and a handful of sei whales just on Saturday, passengers and crew alike have been treated to whales surfacing everywhere around us. On Saturday, we were running our usual children’s activities in the playground when suddenly we spotted 12 fin whales, one after the other passing the ship, both nearby and spectacular blows off into the horizon. We were grateful for all the young eyes helping us spot and count all those whales! It’s brilliant fun when we aren’t the only ones shouting and jumping in excitement!

On the same day, it was incredibly exciting to see 6 basking sharks swim past just on the starboard side, with reports of many more being spotted from the port side by many passengers. We also spotted a blue shark right beneath the water by the ship. I was also particularly delighted to see one of my favourite species, the long finned pilot whales.

Throughout the week lots of passengers have been gifted with fantastic close-up sightings of Cuvier’s beaked whales. On Thursday one of the groups passed incredibly close to the ship before, much like the minke whale, jumping and breaching in quick succession in the wake of the ship; it was incredible and a privilege to watch.

It seems like everything is feeling energetic at the moment, eager to jump and splash for all to see. With lots of jumping fish, dolphins and even whales, this week there is definitely something in the water, so long may it continue!