The Big Blue?

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The Big Blue?
Fin whale photo Credit: Chris Griffin

Did the largest animal on the planet put in an appearene for Carla's last shift on the Pont-Aven? 

This week I am embarking on to the Pont- Aven for the last time, so I’m really hoping for a fabulous two weeks! The dolphins seemed to have disappeared from the Bay of Biscay so the week started off slowly with a few fin whales, a minke whales and a sunfish, but they all came back in force the following Monday!

Lovely calm seas brought along many common dolphins, striped dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, 31 fin whales, Cuvier’s beaked whales, Sowerby’s beaked whales and a potential Northern bottlenose whalewhale – but the peak of the day was a POSSIBLE BLUE WHALE! A very large, dense blow in the distance followed by a tail fluke as it dived made us think it could be a blue whale, as fin whales don’t show this behaviour when they dive.

Pont blog 6th August cuviersPhoto credit: Chris Griffin

Pont blog 6th August finandseiPhoto credit: Chris Griffin

Now onto my last week on board, let’s hope the Sea Safari which is also on board brings along some spectacular sightings for me!


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