Thank you!!

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Thank you!!

After another fantastic few months, our Wildlife Officer programme in the English Channel has come to an end for 2019! 

Hello whale lovers!

As expected, this is our fourteen and final week in the English Channel on-board DFDS Transmanche ferries from Dieppe to Newhaven. Once again, the programme has gone incredibly fast, but I’ve loved every second of it.

While school has begun, passengers were present in fewer numbers than the last few weeks, and yet some were really looking forward to speaking with me and hearing about the wildlife on the crossing. Through this week blog, I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you that came to the talks and on deck watches with me during the programme. It has been fantastic to have audiences from all different path of lives, with so many different stories. The interests and enthusiasm that ran from small children to grandparents brought me great joy. So thank you! Thank you to all of you for coming, for your stories, for your amazing donations to the charity. Thank you for your comments, your questions. Well done kids for knowing so much, keep up the good work, the future is in your hands! 

I also want to thank the wonderful crew and Officers that I have been working with! I got to spend a little bit more time than usual with them this week as it was the final one. Thank you for being so kind, for accepting me as part of the family. I spent so many hours on the Côte D'albâtre and the Seven Sisters that I know those ferries by heart by now; I got the chance to go to the Bridge on numerous occasions, I got to see the manoeuvre in Dieppe and Newhaven harbours. I have had countless conversations at the dinner table regarding so many different topics. All in all, it has been amazing and I am so glad I came back this year.    

The final take-away message I want to give you is the following; while there is a diversity of marine life in the English Channel, the sightings are in fewer numbers than in other European waters close by, however, it does not make this route less interesting. Far from it! We may not have shared many ecstatic moments on outside decks, but the interactions and exchanges were as powerful. And that is what makes this programme so successful!

Now, I get to look forward to the next adventure! :)


ORCA Wildlife Officer - The English Channel