Surprise Sightings in the Bay of Biscay!

Author // Anna Bunney Categories // Wildlife Officer Sightings

Surprise Sightings in the Bay of Biscay!

It’s been a busy first month for our Wildlife Officer’s on board Brittany Ferries Pont-Aven with the team seeing 1153 animals including the elusive Cuvier’s beaked whale and over 600 common dolphins.

Kate, Kirsty and Lucy have been getting to know passengers with many joining them out on deck 10, hoping to catch a glimpse of a whale of dolphin.

The highlight so far for Kate and Kirsty was the sighting of a blue whale! They couldn’t believe their luck when, after a day filled with whale blows, on the horizon they spotted the blow of the largest animal on the planet.

There was even a surprise sighting in the English Channel during Kate and Lucy’s second week when a minke whale breached 3 or 4 times before disappearing again. The Channel is not an area of high activity for cetaceans so after a quiet week this was an unexpected sight and just goes to show you never know what you are going to see whilst at sea.  

Kate, Kirsty and Lucy will be keeping you updated with the latest sightings and activity from the Pont-Aven in their weekly blogs.

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