Surge of plastic action brings hope of tipping point

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Surge of plastic action brings hope of tipping point

A raft of retailers and other businesses have announced action on limiting plastic waste, including some of ORCA's partners.

The past couple of weeks have seen a swathe of announcements by all sorts of companies, every single one focussed on minimising plastic waste entering the environment.

Hot on the heels of the Government's long awaited 25 Year Plan for the Environment, a number of companies have announced measures to reduce the use of plastic in their operations and strategies to minimise their environmental impact.

Notable examples include Iceland's commitment to be plastic free in all own brand products by 2023, McDonalds pledging to ensure all packaging is sourced from recycled products by 2025, and Costa Coffee removing plastic straws from their outlets.

Some of ORCA's partner organisations have also made changes, with both Northlink & Calmac in Scotland pledging to make changes to minimise plastic waste aboard their ferries to help reduce their environmental impact.

ORCA will continue to work to encourage companies of all types to take any action they can to minimise their environmental impact and help us build a safer world for whales, dolphins and porpoises.