Whale likely to have been involved in ship strike

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Whale likely to have been involved in ship strike

A 32 foot humpback whale found dead on Long Beach, New York, was likely to have been involved in a ship strike according to conservation experts in the area.

The animal was found dead last Friday and, as reported in the New York Post, experts from the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society conducted a necropsy on the animal.

The findings included the discovery of distinctive bruising which was consistent with a collision between the animal and a ship, and is potentially a factor in the animals death.

The death of this individual is the third reported in the state this year alone, and according to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the rate of humpback whale deaths has been increased in 2016.

Studies are currently being conducted into the reasons behind it, but the incident highlights the importance of long term monitoring of the type that ORCA conducts in waters, including those close to where this incident occurred.

2018 has already included a record number of humpback whale sightings for ORCA, with hundreds seen during our maiden survey in the Pacific Ocean. We also aim to continue to develop our ship strike work throughout the year, building on sensational research conducted in 2017.