Sensational Sea Safari season ends

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Sensational Sea Safari season ends

We crunch the numbers on one of the most memorable years ever!

2018's Sea Safari season ended with a bang last week after a trip that included sperm whales, fin whales and even a feeding frenzy of tuna! 

This year we've had seven trips, each with special memories that will live on for the passengers and guides on board. Starting in June, we've spotted over 3000 animals, including 12 different species of whale, dolphin and porpoise as well as sunfish and sharks.

As always, common dolphins were a regular feature, with hundreds seen on every trip, often heading straight for the Pont-Aven to play in the wake. Striped dolphins were also a common sight, particularly in their preferred habitat of the deeper pelagic waters visited by our trips.

Fin whales have also been a common sight, with these giants of the ocean seen lunge feeding in the English Channel and breaching out in the Bay of Biscay. Other highlights include killer whales and sperm whales, two species we see less frequently so a rarer treat for passengers on board.

A special thank you goes out to Nigel Marven and Matt Brierley, both of whom joined us on a number of trips this year as special guests. A massive thank you also to our incredible guides, who work so hard to make the trips such a memorable experience.

And of course the biggest thank you goes out to all of our passengers - hundreds of you chose to join us on a wildlife adventure this year and we can't wait for 2019!

Whether you managed to join us and want to visit one of the top five whale watching hotspots on the planet, or you didn't make it out to sea this year, 2019 dates are being announced very soon. Head over to our Sea Safari page and you can register to be the first to hear about the dates when our new trips launch!

We'll look forward to seeing you all in 2019!