Proposal to resume commercial whaling soundly rejected

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Proposal to resume commercial whaling soundly rejected

The rejection of Japan's "The Way Forward" proposal a key victory in the mission to eradicate commercial whaling.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) membership voted decisively against the proposal, which would have allowed for so-called "sustainable whaling" to restart.

The final tally of 41 to 27 does however show that there is stil a strong pro-whaling sentiment within the international community after sustained political pressure from Japan resulted in many countries voting for the proposal despite having no direct interest in whaling.

The IWC also ratified the so-called "Florianpolis Declaration", which made a global commitment to protecting whales and highlights the need to move conservation measures beyond the commercial whaling moratorium.

However, there were some less positive outcomes. The proposal for a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary was once again rejected, with anti-whaling nations failing to achieve the "super majority" needed to ratify this proposed protected area. There was also the passage a vote in support of new quotas for so-called aboriginal subsistence whaling, a controversial practice and the subject of much debate in the international community.

ORCA are fully opposed to all whaling, and so are delighted with this sound rejection of a proposal that would have resulted in an uncertain future for whales and dolphins. We are pleased to see the IWC reinforcing it's role in the conservation of cetaceans, and look forward to working closely with them in the future to create safer marine spaces around the world.