Plastic bag charge set to be extended

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Plastic bag charge set to be extended

The UK Government is expected to announce that the charge for single carrier bags is to be extended to all retailers in an announcement later this week.

The plastic bag charge has dramatically decreased the number of single use bags entering land fill, a success seen as a key example of how plastic litter can be reduced.

Currently the charge, which was introduced in October 2015, is no applicable to businesses that employ less than 250 staff, meaning a large number of smaller retailers are not required to pass this on to consumers.

However, the reported drop of 83% in the number of bags used in the time since the charge was introduced has convinced environment secretary Michael Gove that the charge should be extended to all retailers.

ORCA passionately believe that single use plastics is a clear and present danger to whales, dolphins and porpoises, and would welcome any expansion of the measures proven to be successful in protecting the marine environment.