2018 Saga Cruise programme sets sail!

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2018 Saga Cruise programme sets sail!

Bright Lights in Norway cruise aboard the Saga Pearl II leaves from Portsmouth today with our first ORCA team of the year on board.

ORCA's cruise season kicked off with style with the Bright Lights in Norway cruise getting ready to depart from Portsmouth International Port on Valentine's Day.

The cruise, which has an ORCA survey team on board, will be heading up to some stunning locations in Norway such as Bergen and Tromso, with the trip to the Arctic circle promising a range of delights for passengers on board.

As well as an array of wonderful marine life potentially to be seen, the cruise will also be hoping to repeat last year's sensational Aurora Borealis sightings, which our team spotted during their February trip to Norway in 2017.

The team of four will be hoping to glimpse species such as white-beaked dolphins, killer whales and pilot whales amongst other species in some of the most productive waters in Europe for cetaceans. Different species of bird, fish and marine mammals will also hopefully be on the cards during what has historically been a great cruise.

The trip comes at the start of another year in ORCA and Saga's long running partnership, with 2017 seeing more cruises and more sightings than ever before, including a number of species never before seen! We look forward to working with Saga throughout the year and hopefully improving on a fab 2017!