ORCA OceanWatch returns!

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ORCA OceanWatch returns!

The fifth year of the programme is hoping to see more animals than ever before!

ORCA OceanWatch gives seafarers the opportunity to help protect whales and dolphins by collecting scientific data about the animals they see whilst at sea.

During a dedicated one week window each summer that coincides with the National Whale & Dolphin Watch, ORCA trained bridge crews on dozens of ships will be monitoring whales and dolphins in all corners of the world. 

The data collected will be used to create a snap shot of whales and dolphins globally, with cruise ships, ferries and other vessels participating and hundreds of members of crew trained to take part. ORCA Marine Mammal Surveyors will also be conducting surveys through the nine day period to contribute their data as well.

In 2018 crews recorded 2751 animals and 26 different species, with 18 different cetacean species identified. We'll be hoping that these dedicated volunteers will top that and see even more animals in 2019!