ORCA Lessons a huge hit!

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ORCA Lessons a huge hit!

Families and schools have been benefitting from ORCA Lessons over the past 6 weeks, with thousands of budding marine biologists across the country learning all about whales and dolphins!

We have produced enough content to ensure the most avid ORCA Lessons fans are kept entertained throughout the weeks, with 17 lessons created to date. 

For each week since mid-March, we have focussed on a topic a week.  We have already learnt all about whale and dolphin feeding techniques, migration patterns, their deep diving techniques, their adaptations to the marine environment and we’ve looked into detail about some of the threats they face.  Each video lesson is complemented with a set of activity ideas and worksheets.  We’ve got loads of ideas for the upcoming weeks, too….

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are some of the most intelligent, beautiful and awe-inspiring animals on the plant and ORCA believes that educating future generations about them is key to the protection of these species. Lessons and activities link in with the curriculum and provide students in extra support in the topics of science, maths, geography and English.  The lessons are aimed at KS2 students, but we’ve had fantastic feedback from adults, teenagers and younger students as well!

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