ORCA Lessons!

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ORCA Lessons!

To support families at home and teachers during the Coronavirus pandemic, ORCA have been producing interactive lessons, activities, and question and answer sessions about whales and dolphins!

The lessons will inspire students of all ages about the wonderful world of whales and dolphins and will also help children engage with science in a different, more accessible way and encourage them to connect with the natural environment right on their doorstep. Did you know what over a third of the world whale, dolphin and porpoise species can actually be see around the UK?!

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are some of the most intelligent, beautiful and awe-inspiring animals on the plant and ORCA believes that educating future generations about them is key to the protection of these species. Lessons and activities link in with the curriculum and provide students in extra support in the topics of science, maths, geography and English. Subjects covered will include, Ocean Giants, how whales and dolphins feed, how they communicate with each other and what threats they are facing in the world today.

Due to the success of the first week of lessons, from now we will be focusing on a topic a week! This week’s topic incredible Journeys and throughout the week we will have bite sized lessons, worksheets and challenges on the theme of whale migrations. Other topics which will be covered include, Adaptations, Marine Litter, Ecosystem Engineers and Porpoises of the World.

To get involved with the lessons sign up at or visit our YouTube channel where lessons will be uploaded! And please share with all your friends and family so we can spread the word and get as many people involved as possible!