North Atlantic right whale faces extinction

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North Atlantic right whale faces extinction
The v-shaped blow of a North Atlantic right whale, sighted in the Gulf of St. Lawrence by the ORCA team

Scientists have warned that the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale may be extinct by the year 2037, only a shocking 20 years away, if action to protect them isn't done immediately.

There are only an estimated 500 individual North Atlantic right whales left in the world, with only 100 of these being reproductively mature females. An ORCA team on a Saga cruise were lucky enough to see one of the amazing whales in Canadian waters this October.

The two major threats to these incredible creatures are ship strike and entangement fishing nets. ORCA is working to understand more about these threats - we monitor the geography and magnitude of fishing debris on our Marine Mammal Surveys and we also have a ship strike project. More about these threats can be read in our 2017 'The State of European Cetaceans' report, which is coming soon!

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