New study highlights depth of plastic issue

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New study highlights depth of plastic issue

The scale of the threat posed by plastic to the marine environment has reached new depths, according to a new scientific study

As reported in The Independent, the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) published a new report that shows 3,500 pieces of plastic were found at a depth of 10,898m.

The findings show that plastic has infiltrated every level of the ocean, causing untold damage to a variety of species and causing significant damage to the marine environment.

Included in the list of items found was a single use plastic bag, with more than 1,000 pieces being "macroplastics" - items more than 5mm and visible to the eye.

The researchers said: "As the deep sea is likely to be the final destination of floating plastic debris, the frequent occurence and widespread distribution of plastic in the deep sea, far away from populated coastal areas, indicate that large numbers of plastic debris pieces are distributed throughout the water column and in the high seas."

ORCA's work to help protect whales and dolphins includes campaigning at the highest levels to lobby for legislation by the UK government to stop the spread of plastic pollution before the damage to our ocean is beyond repair.

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