Marine Litter is a big problem!

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Marine Litter is a big problem!

Check out a few tips on how you can avoid your litter becoming a danger to marine wildlife! 

Hey everyone,

We’ve had more amazing weather here on the North Sea, making great wildlife spotting conditions. We have seen many harbour porpoises and a few common seals! However, there are also days when we see little wildlife. During these deck watches, we do see other things, including sea birds, which gather in large groups and then take turns diving into the water catching fish, other ships including other DFDS ships and even some massive cruise ships, windmill parks, especially along the Dutch coast and many gorgeous sunsets.

Unfortunately, we also see lots of litter. We see all different kinds of litter, from floating full bin bags, footballs, jerry cans, fish nets, many balloons and lots of plastic including plastic bottles and other types of containers. Marine litter is a big problem, as thousands of birds & marine mammals die every year due to marine litter pollution. Many animals get stuck in this litter and drown, or the animals see it as food and it ends up in their stomachs.

Some tips to avoid your trash becoming a danger to the marine life include; saying no to straws, bringing your own reusable bag when going shopping or bringing your own coffee mug when getting your on-the-go coffee. Let’s all work together to clean our oceans, and hopefully we will start to see less and less trash during our deck watches, and more and more wildlife!

Kelly de Vries – Wildlife Officer ORCA
DFDS King Seaways