It is all about team work!

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It is all about team work!

Come and join our Wildlife Officer and learn the all the tools you need to spot cetaceans out at sea! 

Hello Everyone!

I am back after finishing my fourth week on board DFDS Seaways Dieppe – Newhaven, and we are half way through the programme already…

The first day started off great! I was getting into my weekly routine, i.e. getting on board, checking the banner and leaflets were in place and going around saying hello to the crew members and the Business Leader. As usual, spending lunch time with the Officers before meeting and greeting passengers and telling them about different activities we have to offer. The ferry was far from being full with only 250 passengers, and yet I got the most attended talk since the programme started. Over 50 passengers came to listen and learn about our work on-board. I was going over the first few slides when the Captain, the Chief Officer and the Chief Engineer appeared at the back of the lounge… what an honour! Even though I know them well by now, I was filled with gratitude by their presences. It felt even better later on when they admitted they were jealous of my English! 

On the crossing back, I was leaving the Officer Mess to give a talk when the Chief Officer doing his watch on the bridge with his crew kept calling on the walkie talkie about dolphins being spotted nearby. Once… Twice… I went to check what they were seeing. It was impressive, they were able to spot common dolphins slowly swimming quietly miles away. They could definitely be trained to become surveyors for ORCA! 

On Saturday, one of the passengers came to see me at the end of the crossing and mentioned that he spotted a common dolphin earlier on. As it turned out, he attended my talk a couple of weeks ago on his way to Dieppe, and knowing what to look for, he was able to identify it with certainty. If there is one message I want you to remember for this week, it is this one! If you do not get the chance of spotting something on the crossing, at least you will then have all the tools to do so on another crossing and chances are, you will see animals!

See you all next week with more exciting news!