Guidance issued for summer wildlife watching at sea

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Guidance issued for summer wildlife watching at sea
Animals with calves are particularly vulnerable to disturbance and so need to be given a wide berth.

The guidance poster is aimed at members of the public heading out to sea at the start of the summer holidays.

A group including Natural England, WDC and the Marine Management Organisation has issued a poster highlighing some of the key do's and don't when encounter marine life at sea.

 Included are guidelines on the best way to approach the animals to minimise impact on them, as well as a warning about the potential criminal consequences for not keeping an appropriate distance from marine mammals around the UK.

 "Coming across whales, dolphins, seals and other marine life can be very exciting." said Lucy Babey, ORCA's Head of Science & Conservation. "However, it's crucial that we remember these are wild animals and therefore need to be treated with respect."

 The poster also tells people how they can report a disturbance if they see other members of the public or boat operators getting too close to marine mammals.

 "In particular, animals with calves should be treated with care." added Babey. "Any disturbance can be damaging to the animals health and stress it unnecessarily. Watching from afar and limiting your time nearby is always the best advice."

You can download the poster here.