Great first Plymouth - Roscoff survey for 2018

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Great first Plymouth - Roscoff survey for 2018

The ORCA survey team, surveying aboard Bretagne for the first time, also had a very special sighting in the English Channel.

ORCA's survey season got off to a cracking start with an unforgettable first survey between Plymouth and Roscoff for 2018.

As well as common dolphin and harbour porpoises, the team managed to spot an ORCA first - pilot whales in the English Channel. Though seen in the region in the past, it is the first time ORCA have ever recorded a group during a survey and so the data will be vital in understanding these waters better.

The sighting was made even more special by the fact that it was aboard the Brittany Ferries vessel Bretagne, the first time the ship has hosted an ORCA survey team. Bretagne is sailing the route whilst our usual host, Armorique, is covering the Portsmouth to Caen route.

ORCA saw almost 100 animals during the 2017 on this route, with common dolphin the most frequently sighted, and we have a full season scheduled for 2018. To keep an eye on these surveys and the rest of our 2018 programme, make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages and keep an eye on