From storm to sunshine and lots of porpoises!

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Our team on KING Seaways solider through rough weather and get great rewards for their hard work.

Hello everyone!

We unfortunately started off the week with some bad weather. This resulted in no whale or dolphin sightings for the first few days.

However, this left lots of time to be spend with the many passengers that came to visit the ORCA Wildlife Lounge. There was lots of attention for our new decor, which left some passengers surprised by how much amazing wildlife we see in the North Sea from aboard the DFDS King Seaways! Many kids also enjoyed the inside wildlife activities including our new quiz, allowing them to run around the wildlife lounge on the hunt for all the answers!

Our fantastic new map in the wildlife centre on board

Fortunately the weather changed on Saturday, and with it came some sightings!

Within minutes of the first deck watch during calm waters the harbour porpoises started to appear from all directions! I wasn’t alone out on deck, as I had some great little helpers, Georgina and Luke, true Wildlife Officers in the making! These two were great at spotting the animals, even far in the distance! In-between all the porpoise sightings, we were also lucky enough to be greeted by a grey seal that popped up right next to the ship! These two troopers even joined me out on the morning deck watch where we were once again greeted by more porpoises!

Georgina & Luke helping spot porpoises in a perfect sea state

Lots of passengers joined me out on deck watches as the nice weather continued, with more porpoise sightings and two dolphin sightings!! most likely a white-beaked dolphin and a bottlenose dolphin! The bottlenose dolphin was seen completely leaping out of the water over four times before disappearing beyond the horizon. In-between sightings, passengers shared their great whale and dolphin stories, with lots of them giving me some great tips on where to go see them next!

All in all it has been a pretty good week and I am looking forward to seeing more passengers in the ORCA wildlife lounge and of course many more sightings!

Kelly De Vries - ORCA Wildife Officer

Kelly de Vries
ORCA Wildlife Officer
DFDS King Seaways