Four weeks until our 2018 survey season begins!

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The Saga Pearl II during a previous ORCA cruise
The Saga Pearl II during a previous ORCA cruise

Despite 2018 only having just started, ORCA are already gearing up for our first survey of a bumper 2018!

14th February sees the beginning of the Bright Lights in Norway cruise, leaving from Portsmouth for 15 nights aboard the luxurious Saga Pearl II.

The itinerary takes us north to explore Norway's phenomenal coastal waters and heading into the Arctic Circle in search of adventure.

Last year's cruises to the same area saw everything from humpback whales to harbour porpoises, and sperm whales to pilot whales. The team in 2017 were also treated to unforgettable views of the iconic Aurora Borealis, so this year's surveyors will be keeping their fingers crossed for another glimpse!

ORCA have been partnering with Saga for more than a decade and in 2018 are aboard eleven cruises heading to all parts of UK & European waters. This monitoring culminates in ORCA's The State of European Cetaceans reports, which play a crucial role in communicating ORCA's work to government, industry and the public.