EU respond to Japan's IWC withdrawal

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EU respond to Japan's IWC withdrawal

The European Union have today expressed "regret" at Japan's decision to leave the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

In a brief statement responding to Japan's decision to abandon the IWC, the EU and it's member states highlight the critical anthropogenic threats that whales have faced and talk about "bycatch, entanglement and collisions" as some examples of the challenges facing marine mammals.

The statement goes on to call on Japan "not to challenge the progress made" and asks they continue to cooperate with IWC members.

Japan's government announced the country's withdrawal from the IWC in December 2018 and it's intention to restart commercial whaling.

The decision was widely condemned, with the Department for Farming, Environment and Rural Affairs writing that they intend to "continue to champion strong global conservation and welfare of cetaceans."

ORCA believe whaling is a brutal practice that has no place in modern day society and hope that Japan will reconsider this course of action.