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Environmentally Friendly
Stock image of a common dolphin

In the English Channel, passengers are making a concious effort to be more environmentally friendly to help protect our oceans! 

Hello to you all!

It has been a busy seventh week as we are over half way through the programme on-board DFDS Transmanche ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven. Each crossing brings its uniqueness, whether it is thanks to the on-board community and/or the marine environment.

We may have started the week on the right foot weather-wise, but unfortunately, it quickly turned the other way. With the fog, the mist, the rain and the wind, it was impractical to survey outside and with a sea state close to six, if present, dorsal fins were hidden behind the countless waves and the roughness of the waters. Whereas, while I was off on Monday, I received news from the Bridge of ten+ common dolphins swimming at the front of the ferry! And this is not a first, it seems that every time I am not on-board, crew members and Officers spot cetaceans! Ironic right? I don’t know how I should take it... I feel like the animals are playing hide and seek with me! 

It’s been pretty packed crowds for my presentations this week, with an average attendance of 35 people! Thank you again for all your wonderful comments and feedback. I was especially moved by how many of you are concerned about being environmentally friendly. One lady presented me with a friend’s work using biodegradable wrap made of honey wax, washable and reusable as an alternative to the plastic/paper ones. An artist was very keen about banishing plastics and taking part in clean-up organizations across the globe. A father was very concerned about its carbon footprint and decided to cross on the ferry rather than flying home with his family. He was even working on making a carbon footprint app for everyone’s use. And countless more examples of small but significant daily actions… It is fantastic to see all your initiatives, as it is a true team effort!     

As we were wrapping up the week, the weather completely switched on Sunday and we had ideal conditions for spotting! That’s the beauty of the English Channel, we never know what to expect! On our journey back to Dieppe, the sea state was a beautiful 0 (mirror-like) and a number of gannets accompanied us announcing the arrival of 2 harbour porpoises followed by 2 common dolphins ten minutes later! They all popped up on port side about 30-40 minutes prior to arrival! Even though it was a brief moment, it perfectly completed the sunset picture. What more could we have asked for? I hope the following weeks will bring more astonishing views like this one!

See you all next week!


ORCA Wildlife Officer – English Channel