English Channel Wildlife Officer programme

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English Channel Wildlife Officer programme

The newest ORCA Wildlife Officer programme, delivered in partnership with DFDS, will run for seven weeks on both ships on the route.

13th June will be the first day ORCA's Wildlife Officer, Maeva Accart, will be working aboard Seven Sisters and Cote d'Albatre on alternate days, joining the ship for the lunch time sailing from Dieppe before returning on the evening crossing.

Maeva, 26, has worked in environmental education in Canada, Hong Kong and France, as well as holding a Masters in Marine Mammal Science.

She will join the ship Wednesday to Sunday each week, giving presentations and running deck watches as ORCA try to spot the diverse marine wildlife of the western Channel.

In particular Maeva will be keeping her eyes peeled for bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoises and minke whales, as well as a plethora of sea birds and other animals.

"We're delighted to be launching this brand new route for the first time in 2018." said ORCA's Education Coordinator, Anna Bunney. "We've partnered successfully with DFDS in the North Sea for more than a decade, and are incredibly excited to see what sort of wonder encounters Maeva, the crew and passengers will have aboard Seven Sisters and Cote d'Albatre."

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