New campaign to protect wildlife at sea launched

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New campaign to protect wildlife at sea launched

The Wildlife Trusts are calling for support for 41 new Marine Conservation Zones.

Recently, the government launched a consultation asking the public for their views about protecting a new group of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) – areas at sea where wildlife is protected from damaging activities. 41 special places have been chosen for the public to comment on; these range from seagrass meadows in Dorset’s Studland Bay, to special mud habitats in the Irish Sea.

None of these places will be designated unless there is public support for their protection. That’s why The Wildlife Trusts are urging the public to have their say and join a giant #WaveOfSupport e-action campaign which sends a message to government calling for all 41 potential MCZs to be recognised and protected. The public have until Friday 20th July to make their views know. The e-action can be completed here www.wildlifetrusts.org/waveofsupport.

ORCA are fully supportive of the Wildlife Trusts campaign and encourage every supporter to sign up and make their views heard, to ensure that we can see safer spaces created for whales, dolphins and other marine life around the UK.

Creating protected marine spaces around the UK is crucial to our long term conservation strategy, and ORCA's work has already contributed towards the creation of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) to protect harbour porpoises.