Bye Bye Bay-by

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Bye Bye Bay-by

Carla says goodbye to the Bay of Biscay and reflects on a fantastic few months on the Pont-Aven! 

It’s time for my last week Wildlife Officer-ing on board the Pont Aven! The week started off with a sea safari, and with hundreds of extra pairs of eyes we managed to spot plenty of wildlife – including fin whales, some excellent sightings of striped, common and bottlenose dolphins jumping out the water, many pilot whales and lots of beaked whales.

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Unfortunately, the weekend was a little stormy, but brighter weather the following week brought more whales and dolphins – although slightly choppy seas made sightings harder than the lovely flat ocean the week before. We still managed to see fin whales, pilot whales, and common and striped dolphins on my last day at sea, giving me the goodbye I was hoping for.

I’ve spent the week reflecting on the last few fantastic months, realising how rewarding this role is – not only do I get to watch cetaceans all day (which is obviously the best job ever), talking to passengers has made me realise how many of them really care about our planet and given me hope that we can all make changes and save it! I hope that showing people their first ever whales and dolphins restores the connection between them and nature and makes everybody realise how amazing these animals are.

Now, onwards and upwards, and here’s to more whales in the future!

Happy whale watching everybody, I hope AJ and Bex have a great last few weeks of the season.


ORCA Wildlife Officer - The Bay of Biscay