Blue whale calf found stranded in Japan

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Blue whale calf found stranded in Japan

The young animal is thought to the first evidence of the species being found in Japanese waters.

As reported by BBC News, the carcass was found in Kamakura, around 70 kilometres south of Tokyo. The species has never been reported in Japanese waters, so experts from the National Museum of Nature & Science are examining the body to find out more about the animal.

Reports suggest the individual is approximately 11 metres in length and is thought to have be born this year.

Blue whales were historically targets of commercial whaling but despite protection for decades, they are still at risk from a number of threats, including ship strike.

They are the largest animal to have ever lived, and can reach lengths of 33 metres when fully grown. ORCA have recorded blue whale sightings in a variety of areas including Arctic waters, the Bay of Biscay and the Gulf of St Lawrence.

ORCA will be visiting Japanese waters in 2019 for the first time during our inaugural visit to the region with Silversea Cruises, monitoring cetaceans from aboard Silver Muse at it travels from Japan to North America. We'll be keeping an eye out for blue whales when we make the trip to the Pacific Ocean!