An Ocean Emergency

Author // Lucy Babey Categories // Whale & Dolphin General News

An Ocean Emergency

We are facing an ocean emergency that's putting our beloved whales, dolphins, porpoises and all marine life at risk.

UK Governments made a collective promise to keep our seas healthy and biologically diverse, but sadly the revised UK Marine Strategy, which was published on 9th May 2019, shows that the UK failed to meet more than 2/3 of the 15 indicators needed for a healthy ocean.  

Good Ecological Status has only been met in four indicators, eutrophication, contaminants, contaminants in seafood and changes in hydrographical conditions. It was partially met on five indicators (cetaceans, seals, oceanic habitats, food webs and noise pollution). But sadly on the remaining six, it was not met at all (birds, fish, litter, seafloor, habitats, non- indigenous species, commercial fish and shellfish).

Conservation and environmental groups are highlighting this failure of the UK Government and have warned that without some big changes, we risk losing not only our natural world, but also the benefits that having a healthy marine environment can provide us with. Our oceans adsorb one third our CO2 and 90% of all heat produced by humans. So an unhealthy sea and the failure to protect our marine environment will drastically impact climate change and global warning.

The UK Government wants to be a global leader on marine protection, but they are failing. As we move closer to the new global AICHI biodiversity target to restore nature in 2020, save biodiversity and enhance its benefits for people this failure must be a wakeup call for us all. Our oceans are unhealthy and we must make change for the better to protect them.