A wonderful week for whales!

Author // Anna Bunney Categories // Wildlife Officer Sightings

A wonderful week for whales!

Another exciting week at sea for our army of ORCA Wildlife Officers, with a frenzy of cetacean sightings across the North Sea, Bay of Biscay and Hebrides.

With a record nine Wildlife Officers currently teaching passengers about the wonders of the marine environment, 2018 is a special year for our ever popular outreach programme.

This week in particular has shown just how incredible the wildlife seen from aboard ferries around the UK can be and we have been blessed with some sensational sightings of all types.

Our North Sea route saw their first ever killer whale whilst a flurry of fin whales kept our Bay of Biscay team busy. Added to that is the new and exciting people our Hebrides Wildlife Officer is meeting in our inaugural year north of the border and you can see that we've been busy at sea!

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