A very quiet week

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A very quiet week

Find out about our wildlife officer Lauren's great encounter with a humpback in the Bay of Biscay!

Wildlife Officer Lauren here for the final time as I prepare to disembark after my four weeks on board.
It’s been a very quiet final week on board the Cap Finistere this week. Despite the calm seas and enthusiastic passengers we’ve had throughout the week the sea life has been shy – especially irritating considering the huge number of animals we saw just a handful of days ago.

It’s come to the end of my time on board the ship and it’s safe to say I’ve seen some amazing sights that I will definitely never forget. I boarded the ship with a fairly short list of animals I was hoping to see and have been lucky enough to spot almost all of them and more, a real surprise after spending over 4 hours on my first day without a single sighting! Four weeks on and I’ve seen a huge array of sea life including numerous fin whales out on the horizon, pods of beaked whales surfacing, and too many of the dolphins to keep count of – some of these were even accompanied by calves which was especially lovely to see.

Most excitingly for me I’ve seen breaching whales jumping their bodies out of the water and crashing back down, and was even able to help spot and identify the first confirmed ORCA sighting of a humpback whale in the Bay of Biscay with my fellow wildlife officer, Heather – a real privilege!

Although the sea hasn’t been too generous with sightings for my final week, the passengers have been more than so with their patience and stories of sightings from far and wide places of the world – a reminder of how much I still have left to see and I now have a list as long as my arm of places I now need to visit and things I want to see.
As I end my time on the ship I want to thank everyone I have met throughout this experience, it’s been a truly amazing month!