A KINGS welcome!

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A KINGS welcome!

The wildlife was out to welcome Sunita for her first week in the North Sea! 

Hello Everyone!

I have had a fantastic first week on board DFDS KING Seaways. What a great welcome I have had from the crew on board, the friendly passengers and the wildlife too. It truly has been a ‘KINGS’ welcome. Let me start by mentioning the amazing weather and conditions I’ve experienced this week in the North Sea. Skin tanning sunshine, easy spotting calm seas, with some days like a mirror and pink blushing sunsets. What more could I ask for?!

These amazing conditions led me to spot two white beaked dolphins on my first ever deck watch! This was followed by days with twelve harbour porpoises, four grey seals and more white beaked dolphins. Almost every day I’ve had sightings. I’ve got to give a special mention to Friday evening, when just as we were going to end the deck watch, having seen nothing, a minke whale breached out of the water in front of us! The passengers and I were absolutely in shock! The minke proceeded to breach a couple of times, showing off to its excited spectators. What a great end to the week!

I was also joined on deck watches by Delta Safaris and their keen eyed birders. It was great having them with their sharp eyes and expert bird identification skills. If there is one thing I’ve learned from my first week, it’s that the North Sea is for the birds. They are always guaranteed, even when the marine mammals are hiding. I’ve really enjoyed watching a studying these aerial acrobats. Sea birds are especially built for extremes, from diving up to 100Kmph to riding the strong air currents of the North Sea like a piece of cake! We’ve had lots of puffins, gannets, cormorants, gulls, terns and even a great skua Sunday night flying right beside the observation deck to the delight of the passengers.

Lastly I’d just like the mention all the amazing friendly passengers I’ve had on board, my presentations and deck watches have been busy and full of keen interested people. I’ve been particularly inspired by the Scottish who have their school holidays already. They know there stuff! From marine mammals and birds to marine litter and advocating for the oceans, my kind of people! However it’s not just the Scottish, I have had lots of Dutch, German and English passengers excited to talk to me and learn things they never knew about the North Sea and its wildlife. It’s been a delight to inspire and talk to them.

That’s it for this week, I know that next week will be just as awesome!

Best wishes,

Sunita Brazil

North Sea Wildlife Officer