A deck full of laughter

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A deck full of laughter

This week Louise has welcomed our final Wildlife Officer Placement of 2019 on board the Cap Finistère

This week I (Louise) had the pleasure of welcoming our final trainee wildlife office, Lily. Our last one! Can you believe it?! I certainly can’t!

Sadly, it has been a little bit quiet this week as we’ve had some choppy seas and a moderate swell lingering from a storm out in the Atlantic. The high winds out on deck have, however, made for some entertaining watches! From the resilient souls who have spent hours out watching with us, to the families who just popped out for a moment to test how strong the gusts really were – the deck has been filled with laughter and high spirits!

Inside, we have had lots of fun during our presentations, children’s activities and quizzes; throwing in lots of fun facts and hearing all your wonderful whale and dolphin encounters from around the world!

As I’m getting ready to leave for my final break I’m already looking back and reminiscing on what an amazing season it has been. I’m sure my time off will fly by with my sister’s wedding and holiday on the Welsh coast (where I will still be looking out eagerly for wildlife!) and when I return I will certainly be cherishing every single minute of my final two weeks on board the Cap Finistère!

For now, I will leave you with Lily and wish both her and Emma another two weeks of laughter and cetaceans!

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Hello, Lily here. Working as a teaching assistant the last place I expected to find myself was living on a ferry for a month during the summer holidays, but what fun it’s been already just a week in! Not only have I seen amazing animals across the Bay of Biscay, but I’ve also learnt how easy it is to inspire and excite children about marine life.

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Taking part in running on board children’s activities has definitely been a highlight in what has otherwise been a quiet week for deck watches. We’ve had some brilliantly enthusiastic children getting involved with our cetacean based games, and speaking to us about facts they already know. One child going so far as to making a “cetacean fortune teller” while on board. I chose my cetacean, then my colour, then he opened up the fortune teller fold and BAM! I was told by him “You will have good luck, that’s what is says. That means you will see loads of big whales.” Somebody find him and tell him thank you, because the next day me and Louise spotted 12 whales! He definitely brought us good luck, and certainly made the whales pop up.

Fingers crossed this luck lasts!

Louise and Lily

ORCA Wildlife Officer and Wildlife Officer Placement - The Bay of Biscay

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