Maddy Couch #1000rescue project

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Maddy Couch #1000rescue project

We are delighted to have UK artist Maddy Couch supporting ORCA as part of her #1000rescue project.

Maddy has been influenced by Maori artists from New Zealand, Indigenous art from Taiwan and Buddhist art across Asia, where she spent time learning and developing her style. Her work is also inspired by her passion for travel, animal companions and wildlife. 

As part of Maddy's #1000rescue project, she is currently working to create 1000 pieces of art to raise awareness of animal and wildlife rescue around the world.

"I am supporting ORCA’s work, because I believe humans exist in a pivotal moment in history. The planet, the oceans, rainforests and the animals we share this earth with need our help. Change can happen. I believe the education opportunities ORCA offers is essential and a great step to positive world change.

People are becoming more aware of the situation of our planet, plastic in the oceans is a hot topic. It’s really important that we don’t ignore what’s happening. ORCA’s work is essential in sharing environmental awareness and leading the world to a more sustainable future.

When I was a child, I used to save up my pocket money and send it in the post to Shark Protection charities. I have always been concerned about how humans treat other species and the planet, since I can remember. As an artist, I want to help somehow – to spread awareness, whilst uplifting the hearts of people through colourful paintings. There is always hope."

Four of Maddy’s eye-catching prints of watercolour and ink paintings are now available on the ORCA shop and 20% of each sale will be donated towards ORCA’s vital work to protect whales, dolphins and porpoise in UK and European waters.