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Noble Caledonia specialises in worldwide, small ship cruises and escorted tours and offers a diverse range of trips that are educational, enjoyable and, above all different.

Since our establishment in 1991, we have made it our aim to provide our guests with a lasting memory of a journey made with like-minded travellers and offer voyages aboard a unique and varied array of vessels ranging in size from as few as 24 guests to just 160. A team of knowledgeable staff accompany our cruises and make each journey an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our small ships have the freedom of the seas and can come alongside in small docks or drop anchor in any suitable spot. We continually expand our repertoire to include new destinations and offer cruises along the world’s iconic rivers, voyages to pristine and remote islands and atolls, expedition cruises to both the Arctic and Antarctic, voyages under sail and in-depth cultural cruises.

Fin whale

We are delighted to have launched our Citizen Science Project in partnership with ORCA which in 2018 involved on board training for staff and crew on three of our expedition vessels. In addition ORCA staff travelled on board our expedition to Iceland in June to assist and provide detailed lectures on their conservation programmes as well as the conservation of these magnificent animals generally. In 2019, once again an ORCA staff member will be joining our Iceland expedition and throughout the year, our own expedition staff will be logging sightings of whales, dolphins and porpoises in the incredible habitats our ships visit around the world. We know our guests will relish being part of this exciting initiative as part of their holiday with us such that they can take away even more than the lasting memories our holidays provide.

To find out more about Noble Caledonia visit www.noble-caledonia.co.uk