Dolphin Adoption Tin

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Support ORCA by buying one of our fantastic dolphin adoption packs, helping to make a contribution to our conservation work and citizen science.

Created in partnership with Gift Republic, ORCA will receive a donation for every single tin sold, so by purchasing one you are directly supporting our scientific research to help protect whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Each tin is brimming with facts and figures about orcas in the wild, and are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn more about these amazing creatures.

Each adoption lasts for 12 months and includes:

- A welcome letter

- Your gift explained

- Protecting valuable places fact sheet

- Bottlenose dolphin infographic

- Dolphin species leaflet

- Dolphin poster

- Dolphin postcard

- Registration sheet

PLUS once you have registered online you will received a personalised supporter certificate!

This product will be sent in bio degradable packaging