Photography Competition

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 photography competition! 

Thankyou to our amazing sponsors, Discover Ferries and Jessops Academy.

Jessops Academy

Thank you to everyone that entered the 2019 photo competition. After some amazing entries, the task was daunting to select winners in two categories - The State of European Cetaceans and Threats to Marine Wildlife. 

After careful deliberation, renowned wildlife photographer, conservationist and ORCA Patron Mark Carwardine selected two sensational images as the winners.

Congratulations to the winners! 

Mark Carwardine

The State of European Cetaceans

We wanted to see photos of any whale, dolphin or porpoise species that have been seen and photographed in Europe. There was no restriction on species, but it must be a cetacean in the wild and in European waters. 

2019 winner

Minke whale by Hannah Snead ©ORCA Photography Competition 2019

When entering the competition Hannah said: This minke whale photo was taken along the West Coast of Scotland, just off the Island of Coll in August this year. We had some great associating minkes on this trip and got some lovely sights of their ventral grooves!  

Mark Carwardine commented: A perfectly timed shot, showing interesting behaviour in perfect conditions - what more could you ask?’

Threats to Marine Wildlife

We wanted to see pictures that best capture the threats facing creatures that live in waters around the world. This could be of any threat that is causing an impact on marine environments. 

2019 winner

Entangled sea lion by James Robbins ©ORCA Photography Competition 2019

When entering James said: This California sea lion was severely entangled on the farallones with a few inch incision around its neck, likely from a packing band that was still there. We disentangled a few, but couldn't get to this sadly. It's likely to die unless someone else disentangled it. 

Mark Carwardine commented: 'This is a shocking picture but it’s an important one because, sadly, sea lions being garrotted by fishing line is a sight we are seeing more and more frequently.’

2019 Runner up

Catherine Clark was selected as the 2019 runner up for her photo of a bottlenose dolphin taken in the Moray Firth, having a good look at the  occupants of the boat as it breached.  

When judging Mark commented: 'This shot beautifully captures the spirit of the dolphin and the detail is wonderful - just look at those tooth rake marks on the pectoral fin.’