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Welcome to the Education Zone of ORCA’s website!

On this page, you will find lesson plans and activities to inspire your students about the wonders of our oceans.

We have lesson plans on; Ocean Giants, Marine Litter and Communication.

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are some of the most intelligent, beautiful and awe-inspiring animals on the planet, and ORCA believes that educating the future generation is key to the protection of these species.

Through our Fin-tastic Fun in Schools resources, students will learn about ocean giants and the part they play in the ocean ecosystem, and also learn about the threats that these animals face, focussing on ways in which they can help protect the oceans for the future.

As well as supporting teachers with educational resources, they also help children engage with science in a different, more accessible way, and encourage them to connect with the natural environment right on their doorstep. Did you know that over a third of the world’s whale, dolphin and porpoise species can be seen in the UK?

The activities link in with the curriculum and provide students extra support in the topics of science, maths, geography and English. The materials are designed for KS2 students, but they can be adapted for younger/older students.

All lesson plans, presentations and activities can be downloaded by clicking on the topic below. Enjoy!

ORCA's Fin-tastic Fun in Schools programme has been produced with the generous support of Tesco's Bags of Help, who have enabled us to create inspiring education materials and visit thousands of children to teach them about whales and dolphins

ORCA Lessons

To support families at home and teachers during the Coronavirus pandemic, ORCA have been producing interactive lessons, activities and question and answer sessions about wonderful whales and dolphins!

Lessons and activities link in with the curriculum and provide students in extra support in the topics of science, maths, geography and English. Subjects covered will include, Ocean Giants, how whales and dolphins feed, how they communicate with each other and what threats they are facing in the world today.

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ORCA’s Whale Education Month

In October each year, hundreds of schools and thousands of students take part in ORCA’s Whale Education Month month. This is an annual event with different topics each year. Although we encourage schools to deliver the materials in October, teachers can use the materials all year to inspire students about wonderful whales and dolphins.

New for 2019 - Voices of the Deep

As part of our Fin-tastic Fun in Schools ORCA has produced a new series for 2019 on whale and dolphin communication. This fun and interactive pack will help children understand this issue.

All the resources are available to download below.  We would appreciate it if you could fill in the below form, so that we can keep track of who is using the resources.  We would also love to hear any feedback that you have about our education resources!

Fin-tastic Fun in Schools!

Take a look at this introductory video from ORCA:

Whale Education Month 2019: Voices of the deep

Through the interactive presentations and activities in these lessons, students will learn how incredible whales, dolphins and porpoises use communication to survive in the deep dark depths of the ocean.

ORCA Voices of the deep is in 3 sections - Communicating in the Underwater World, Voices of the Deep and Oceans of Noise

Whale Education Month 2018:  Marine Litter

Through the interactive presentation and activities in these lessons, students will learn about one of the biggest threats our ocean wildlife faces today – marine litter, especially plastic pollution. Students will gain knowledge of this topic and learning is reinforced by students thinking of ideas of how they can minimise this threat for the future.
ORCA Marine Litter is in 3 sections - What Is Marine Litter?, How does marine litter impact wildlife?, What can I do to help?

Well Done!

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