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Whale Education Month

Whale Education Month

Every October, schools across the country celebrate our wonderful whales, dolphins and porpoises by taking part in Whale Education Month.

ORCA produce a free lesson pack including sessions that are linked to the national curriculum and give KS2 students extra support in science, English and maths.

Take your class to sea

Take your class to sea

ORCA offers schools, colleges and universities the chance to give students of all ages an unforgettable experience that will enrich their learning immeasurably.

Operating on ferries out of both Newcastle and Portsmouth, these trips combine ORCA’s background in citizen science with their experience of inspiring young people, showing them first hand conservation projects.

Free resources for teachers and families! 

To support families at home and teachers, from Monday 23rd March, ORCA will be producing interactive lessons, activities and Q&A sessions about wonderful whales and dolphins!

To sign up, pop your details in the survey here: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ORCAlessons and we will send you all further info.

Please tell as many people as possibe so everyone can get involved!

ORCA’s Whale Education Month

In October each year, hundreds of schools and thousands of students take part in ORCA’s Whale Education Month month. This is an annual event with different topics each year. Although we encourage schools to deliver the materials in October, teachers can use the materials all year to inspire students about wonderful whales and dolphins.

Whale Education Month 2020 - Ecosystem Engineers

As part of our Fin-tastic Fun in Schools, ORCA will be producing a new series for 2020 on Ecosystem Engineers. This fun and interactive pack will link in with the curriculum and provide students extra support in the topics of science, maths and English.

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