Ocean Conservation

There's no better way to show someone the amazing world of whales and dolphins than to give them a first hand view of these wonderful animals in the wild. ORCA Ocean Conservationists have dedicated their lives to inspiring people to appreciate the diverse wildlife found in the oceans of the world. 

Working with our partners we send expert conservationists out on ferries and cruise ships to give unforgettable wildlife experiences whilst collecting vital scientific data so we can safeguard these animals for future generations. 


Whale Education Month

A key part of ORCA’s education and outreach work are the Ocean Conservation programmes we deliver in the North Sea, the Hebrides, English Channel and the Bay of Biscay each year. 

Working in close partnership with our friends at Brittany Ferries, DFDS and Caledonian MacBrayne, Ocean Conservationists spend a couple of weeks up to six months working at sea, meeting tens of thousands of passengers. Ocean Conservationists educate passengers on the marine wildlife around them during their voyage and show them the wonders of the ocean.


Take your class to sea

Highly trained Ocean Conservationists deliver unforgettable wildlife experiences on board cruise ships across the world.

These passionate and dedicated individuals work to showcase the incredible diversity of wildlife that can be spotted from the decks of cruise ships, helping guests on board learn more about the marine environment.

ORCA not only have the opportunity to inspire people from all walks of life, but also collect vital scientific data that can be used to help protect whales and dolphins around the globe.

Ocean Conservationist Training Course

ORCA Ocean Conservationists are talented, inspiring individuals who work on ferries and cruise ships, delivering unforgettable wildlife experiences. Travelling across the world, they deliver innovative education programmes teaching people from all backgrounds about the marine environment whilst at the same time collecting important scientific data about some of the richest habitats in the ocean.

We are recruiting the next generation of Ocean Conservationists to help us protect the marine environment, and are inviting applications for our unique training programme in 2022.

Starting in October 2022, successful candidates will participate in a four-month online training programme teaching them all the skills they need to deliver exceptional experiences at sea. After passing the online course, you’ll then be given the opportunity to put your new skills into practice during at-sea assessment and training, engaging with real guests for around one week on a ship so you can experience life on the ocean first-hand.

Find out more about the training course and how to apply by clicking to button below and visiting the ORCA Vacancies page.