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ORCA Wildlife Officer Maeva has been inspiring new audiances, some of which are familar faces!

Hello to you all!

As we are wrapping up our fifth week on-board DFDS Seaways Transmanche from Dieppe to Newhaven, July has finally arrived and brought along calm seas and summer vacations as part of the package deal! A switch in passenger frequency, nationality and age class is noticeable. During the month of June, we have started encountering new audiences; inspiring families and young adults. Most of which are French speakers going on holiday. 

This brought along numerous people I had met last summer. Kids who remembered me and still came back to the presentation stating that it was even more inspiring than last year! Couples who I did not forget either and were presently surprised to run into me at the Meet and Greet session. A gentleman and his two daughters enjoying a one-day return crossing, spending the entire time on deck watch and catching me up about the last year of their lives.

There are, of course, countless new faces as well; from professional photograph trying to get a great shot at one of our lovely cetaceans, 3 years-old who wants to find out where she could meet mermaids :D, teenager interested in volunteering and becoming a marine biologist, to a dedicated ecologist eagerly wanting to spread the word about the barbaric act that is whaling, and notably for him the yearly ritual in the Faroe Islands. Such a mix of people from different backgrounds and ages, its what makes those presentations so memorable.

On Friday, I had the most attended talk so far for this year with close to 50 people, and half of them being French speakers. Rather than presenting in both languages, which would take too long unfortunately, I displayed the powerpoint slides in French and spoke in English, allowing everyone to follow the material. Several were rewarded afterwards by going on deck 8 and spotting 5 common dolphins about 45 minutes before arrival to Newhaven. Common dolphins have an hourglass-like pattern on their side with a lighter colour at the front, allowing us to identify them quickly. They are very social and playful and quite often, as I have been told by Officers, like to play at the front of the ferry. Passengers were thrilled and I quote “could not have asked for a better scenario”.  

The weather has cooperated much better this week, with a sea state close to 0 on more than one occasion! Several incidental sightings have been recorded by some of you, happening while I was giving the presentations. If you happen to see anything, do not hesitate to come see me afterwards, any information is worth recording and is proof that there is more life in the English Channel than many of you would have originally expected!

See you next week!